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+ Aqua Grill (SoHo)
+ La Superior (Williamsburg)
+ Olea (Fort Greene)
+ Hawaiian Barbeque (Menlo Park)
+ Jolt chewing gum
+ Bedford Cheese Shop (Williamsburg)
- Brooklyn Bowl (Williamsburg) - 10/13/09
Well, now, this is a fried fucking chicken. And totally juicy and tender and the breading was sort of sweet and everything. However, a) directly applying honey to the chicken as suggested grossed me the fuck out, and b) directly applying the falling bits of breading to the Texas toast and then trying to spread it and successfully eating it grossed everyone else out (but fuck them. BREDKEN!). Only real deduction was for the deejay in the bowling alley itself, who kept BLAAOWW BLA-BLA-BLA-BLAAAOWWWing the airhorn on his rig.

+ Ali Babas (SoHo)
+ I.V. Bakery (Isla Vista)
+ Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill (Columbus Circle)
+ Miyako (Williamsburg)
+ Taco Chulo (Williamsburg)
+ Garden Cafe redux (Williamsburg)
+ Garden Cafe (Williamsburg)
+ McSorley's (East Village)
+ Juliette (Williamsburg)
+ Three Monkeys (LES)
+ Chinese Food (Williamsburg)
+ 7-11
+ Rooney's (Tiburon)
+ Ahi Sushi (Santa Barbara)
+ The Pink Pony (LES)
+ The Prancing Pony (LES)
+ Taj Mahal (Williamsburg)
+ Jimmy's Diner (Williamsburg)
+ Tex Mex Express (West Village)
+ Carrow's (Santa Barbara)
+ Sailor Pete's Albacore Haul
+ Santa Cruz Market (Goleta)
+ Food Cart on Spring and 6th Ave. (SoHo)
+ Rosaritos (I.V.) redux
+ Rosaritos (I.V.)
+ Chilito's (UCSB)
+ Hi-Tech Burrito (Strawberry)
+ King Wok (West Village)
+ Il Fornaio
+ Hamburger Habit (Goleta)
+ Bongo's (Chelsea)
+ Taqueria Monte Cristo (Berkeley)
+ Formerly Taqueria la Luna (Goleta)
+ Freebird's (I.V.)
+ Siam Orchid (Williamsburg)
+ all-you-can-eat shrimp
+ The Spice Rack (Santa Barbara)
+ Herr's Ketchup-Flavored Chips
+ Jack in the Box (Goleta)
+ Fortune Garden (Goleta)
+ New York City's blithering inability to comprehend the culinary spirit of nachos
+ 7-11 Pepperoni Pizza Twistas
+ Making nachos frrom nacho cheese Doritos
+ Brokeness (Goleta)
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total: 51 in 5660 days
busiest month: August 2005
median ranked entry: Tex Mex Express (West Village)

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