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+ La Taqueria
+ The taco truck in front of the Pac N Save @40th & Peralta
+ Tacos Chaves taco truck
+ True Burger
+ loving hut
+ La Pinata taco truck - Fruitvale
+ Koreana Market
+ fiveten burger
+ hot dogs
- three babes bakeshop - 10/15/11
pot pies! i don't even like pot pies and the one i had from them was delicious.

+ Louisiana Fish Fry
+ muracci's
+ 15 pounds of crab from safeway
+ Free leftovers from The Slanted Door
+ One of the Vietnamese Sandwich shops @Franklin & 8th
+ The Pakistani place on the corner of University and San Pablo
+ Taqueria across the St from the West Oakland Bart
+ cake! from the fridge at work!
+ In N Out Burger - WHEREVER
+ Primo Patio Cafe
+ Nellie's Soulfood Restaurant & Bar
+ Chicken drumsticks
+ various dried, cured, & sliced meats
+ I just pilfered a pastry platter!
+ The amazing beef I ate at the tailgate I kind of sort of crashed
+ Working Girl's Cafe
+ Bonnie's bananna cream pie
+ polenta sausage lasagna from Trader Joes
+ Rattos
+ Shan Dong
+ smoothie from my 200 miles produce delivery
+ Pig & Whistle
+ Nations
+ whatever the hell Clay makes in the kitchen
+ Clay's white lasagna and roasted beets with yogurt sauce
+ Tamarindo
+ The goat cheese inside the hamburger thing
+ In N Out - McCarthy Ranch "mall," Mipitas
+ Pig & Whistle
+ Bong Su
+ The food in the fridge at my job
+ Kezar Pub
+ Viks
+ Vik
+ Koh Samui and the Monkey
+ La Mediterranee
+ La Mediterranee
+ bollyhood cafe
+ corn tortillas
+ Meatloaf!!!
+ Cancun, the one near the Powell Bart Station
+ Cha Cha Cha
+ 3 cheese "tuscan" flavor kettle chips
+ Lanesplitters
+ robertos (las vegas)
+ Sarah's seder
+ Mama's Royal
+ In N Out
+ Lois the Pie Queen
+ The vietnamese sandwich shop - downtown oakland
+ Mexicali Rose
+ Claim Jumpers - Concord
+ the berkeley bowl curry lentil soup
+ Los Cantaros
+ sabinas
+ miss saigon
+ Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
+ Cafe Marly (Los Angeles)
+ la meditteranean (or however you spell it)
+ Bonnie's cornbread
+ catoes
+ Gyro King
+ Ichi Japon
+ The Fat Lady
+ Pacific Coast Brewing Co
+ B Restaurant
+ 21st Amendment
+ first and second dinner
+ My roomate's enchiladas
+ $3.99/pound ground lamb at the Piedmont Grocery
+ Radio Africa
+ the backstage deli spread at the cheetah girls concert
+ taco truck on the corner of hayes and polk
+ last night's pseudo moroccan feast in my kitchen
+ Barneys
+ Happy Burrito
+ I want to say Extreme Pizza in SF
+ Los Cantaros @40something & San Pablo, next to the IHOP
+ The Cancun on Mission
+ some taqueria in the marina
+ Temescal Cafe
+ Boogey Woogey Bagel Boy
+ Cactus
+ miss pearl's jam house (brunch)
+ asmara
+ La Calaca Loca
+ ricotta cheese
+ pizza love
+ Stu's bread baking attempt
+ Mr Pizza Man
+ Food? Mwhaaa?
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total: 101 in 5622 days
busiest month: September 2006
median ranked entry: Cancun, the one near the Powell Bart Station

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