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+ Western Family Canned Peaches
+ the Dead Fish, Crockett
+ La Calaca Loca Taqueria, 5199 Telegraph
+ Jumpin Java, Shattuck
+ I ate this salami this weekend
- cafe gratitude, and taste - 06/02/06
I am virulent? vetted? I dont remember. I remember what makes me happy though, if you ask me, birthdays! (Thats what). A large menu at Gratitude, so I may be back by curiousity to try more- But to get to the essence of this place, its reprocessed, raw vegetable entrees. So its good for you, and thats good. Right? Well it tasted alright. Will it be around in 3 months? I dont know. It will be interesting to see. (So we're sealing Aneesa off, opening her up again in the future, later-year 2006, as a method of research.) Much could be similiarly tested about the longevity of 'taste'. Which was also good. Novel. Good day.

+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
+ vietnamese sandwich, Sole on shattuck
+ cilantro on a hotdog!
+ chiara's birthday party
+ Flavor Blasted BBQ and Cheddar Cheese Goldfish Crackers
+ sweet tarts
+ Counter inside Binion's Casino, Las Vegas
+ Petite Deli, SF
+ Railroad Stop Cafe -West Oakland
+ cafe zeste, strawberry creek park, berkeley
+ New Morning Organic Graham Crackers
+ berkeley bowls curry lentil soup & a semifreddis seeded baguette
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