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+ Western Family Canned Peaches
+ the Dead Fish, Crockett
+ La Calaca Loca Taqueria, 5199 Telegraph
+ Jumpin Java, Shattuck
+ I ate this salami this weekend
+ cafe gratitude, and taste
+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
+ vietnamese sandwich, Sole on shattuck
+ cilantro on a hotdog!
+ chiara's birthday party
+ Flavor Blasted BBQ and Cheddar Cheese Goldfish Crackers
+ sweet tarts
+ Counter inside Binion's Casino, Las Vegas
+ Petite Deli, SF
+ Railroad Stop Cafe -West Oakland
- cafe zeste, strawberry creek park, berkeley - 04/06/06
this used to be the location of the bread workshop, until they moved to a modern building on University. as 'the workshop', it was a casual place for coffee and bread. wooden counter, brick floor. Quick to serve, and youd turn around and walk out to the grass field at SCPark. || the new owners named it cafe zeste, and they are nice and well meaning and all, but by 'improving' on the location- theyve made it sadly overwhelming. The owner said how are you? thank you, and have a nice day, when one compliment would have done. Just buying coffee, you see- but he invited me to consider a cappucino, or a latte. I was really not looking to make a ripple, and Im afraid that his intensity over one customer's presence, or the anticipation that I will increase my spending with a fancy drink, thereby upping his bottom line, well this will negatively affect our casual relationship. Better to cut it off now.

+ New Morning Organic Graham Crackers
+ berkeley bowls curry lentil soup & a semifreddis seeded baguette
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busiest month: April 2006
median ranked entry: cilantro on a hotdog!

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