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+ Western Family Canned Peaches
+ the Dead Fish, Crockett
+ La Calaca Loca Taqueria, 5199 Telegraph
- Jumpin Java, Shattuck - 03/23/06
Cool colors, wood tables, free internet, open windows. Mike is your guy in the morning. Havent got the name of the afternoon barista- but these guys are mature, unpretentious, laissez faire people who keep the place comfortable. Bathrooms clean. Coffee is McLaughlin's of Emeryville- if you havent had it, it isnt stinky or gross-tasting. I never thought Id claim a cafe, but this place is comfortable and lets me be productive. I order a refill every~ 2 hours. I dont know how I get away with it, but theres no contention. Tables are hard to get- but whatever, I know their reasons.

+ I ate this salami this weekend
+ cafe gratitude, and taste
+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
+ vietnamese sandwich, Sole on shattuck
+ cilantro on a hotdog!
+ chiara's birthday party
+ Flavor Blasted BBQ and Cheddar Cheese Goldfish Crackers
+ sweet tarts
+ Counter inside Binion's Casino, Las Vegas
+ Petite Deli, SF
+ Railroad Stop Cafe -West Oakland
+ cafe zeste, strawberry creek park, berkeley
+ New Morning Organic Graham Crackers
+ berkeley bowls curry lentil soup & a semifreddis seeded baguette
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total: 18 in 5785 days
busiest month: April 2006
median ranked entry: cilantro on a hotdog!

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