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+ Au Pied du Cochon (Montréal, QC)
+ Gjelina (Los Angeles)
+ Bouchon (Las Vegas)
+ Bouchon (Yountville, CA)
+ Dai Due (Austin, TX)
+ The Kebabery (Oakland, CA)
+ Plum (Oakland)
+ A16 (Oakland)
+ RN74 (SF)
+ Cobras y Matadors (Los Angeles)
+ The Blue Door (Miami Beach, FL)
+ Pho Ao Sen (Oakland)
+ Chez Papa Resto (SF)
+ Chez Papa (SF)
+ A Cote (Oakland)
+ Maverick (SF)
+ Wood Tavern (Oakland)
+ Boonville Hotel (Boonville, CA)
+ Haven (Oakland)
+ Frances (SF)
+ Hibiscus (Oakland)
+ Hiro's (Petaluma, CA)
+ Southie (Oakland)
+ Dopo (Oakland)
+ Calavera (Oakland)
+ LowBrau (Sacramento)
+ The Half Orange (Oakland)
+ Emmy's Spaghetti Shack (SF)
+ Bunk Sandwiches (Portland, OR)
+ The Rutherford Grill (Rutherford, CA)
+ Pok Pok (Portland, OR)
+ Spices (Can Tho, Vietnam)
+ Mango Rooms (Hoi An, Vietnam)
+ Boot & Shoe Service (Oakland)
+ Kronnerburger (Oakland)
+ Union (Pasadena)
+ El Dorado Kitchen (Sonoma, CA)
+ Michel (Oakland)
+ Gaumenkitzel (Berkeley)
+ Stag's Lunchette (Oakland)
+ Pearl (Oakland)
+ Va De Vi (Walnut Creek, CA)
+ Tacubaya (Berkeley)
+ Box & Bells (Oakland)
+ Portal (Oakland)
+ Jodie's Restaurant (Albany, CA)
+ Kirala (Berkeley)
+ Asena (Alameda)
+ The Front Porch (SF)
+ Foreign Cinema (SF)
+ Sabrina's Cafe (Philadelphia)
+ Camino (Oakland)
+ The Brass Rail (Alturas, CA)
+ lolo (Portland, OR)
+ New Moon Cafe (Nevada City, CA)
+ Bocanova (Oakland)
+ B (Oakland)
+ Pizzaiolo (Oakland)
+ Bellanico (Oakland)
+ Scolari's (Alameda)
+ La Penca Azul Taco Truck (Oakland)
+ POP Sandwich (Oakland)
+ Brotzeit Lokal (Oakland)
+ César (Oakland)
+ César (Berkeley)
+ RoHan Lounge (SF)
+ Luka's Taproom & Lounge (Oakland)
+ House Of Prime Rib (SF)
+ Ajanta (Berkeley)
+ Soi4 (Oakland)
+ Bánh Mi Ba Le Vietnamese Sandwich (El Cerrito)
+ Magnolia Cafe (Austin, TX)
+ Rudy's Texas BBQ (Denton, TX)
+ Mixville Bar @ The Edendale Grill (Los Angeles)
+ Chez Maman (SF)
+ Sushi Komasa (Los Angeles)
+ Perbacco (SF)
+ COCO500 (SF)
+ Wurstküche (Los Angeles)
+ Marzano (Oakland)
+ Akiko's Restaurant & Sushi Bar (SF)
+ Guu With Garlic (Vancouver, BC)
+ Monk's Kettle (SF)
+ Bar Ama (Los Angeles)
+ EMC Seafood & Raw Bar (Los Angeles)
+ Oriental BBQ Chicken Town (Oakland)
+ Liverpool Lil's (SF)
+ Korbel Cellars (Guerneville, CA)
+ Rosebud's Cafe (Jackson, CA)
+ Martha's Old Mexico (Sebastopol)
+ Fred 62 (Los Angeles)
+ Luna Park (SF)
+ La Note (Berkeley)
+ Frank (New York City)
+ Forge Pizza (Oakland)
+ DiBartolo (Oakland)
+ Breads Of India & Gourmet Curries (Oakland)
+ Vik's Chaat (Berkeley)
+ Bakesale Betty (Oakland)
+ The Trappist (Oakland)
+ Vasquez Deli (Vacaville, CA)
+ Disco Volante (Oakland)
+ The Calistoga Inn (Calistoga, CA)
+ Adelita's Taqueria (San Jose)
+ Burma Superstar (Oakland)
+ Phnom Penh House (Oakland)
+ Sahn Maru (Oakland)
+ Gregoire (Berkeley)
+ Café Brazil (Berkeley)
+ Angelfish (Alameda)
+ Spork (SF)
+ Dragon Rouge (Alameda)
+ Magnolia (Los Angeles)
+ B44 (SF)
+ Canele (Los Angeles)
+ Flora (Oakland)
+ La Taqueria (SF)
+ Lers Ros (SF - Mission)
+ The Blue Angel Cafe (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
+ Corso (Berkeley)
+ Troy (Alameda, CA)
+ The Auburn Ale House (Auburn, CA)
+ Hoover's Beef Palace (Templeton, CA)
+ Mezze (Oakland)
+ Arizmendi (Oakland)
+ Bittersweet Bistro (Aptos, CA)
+ Taylor's Automatic Refresher (SF)
+ Arcata Pizza & Deli (Arcata, CA)
+ Do�a Tomas (Oakland)
+ Jar (Los Angeles)
+ Black Cat (Los Angeles)
+ Hyunh (Oakland)
+ Cravings Buffet @ The Mirage (Las Vegas)
+ Hana Japan (Berkeley)
+ Genova Delicatessen (Oakland)
+ Vanessa's Bistro (Berkeley)
+ Binh Minh Quan (Oakland)
+ Taylor's Refresher (St. Helena, CA)
+ Millie's (Los Angeles)
+ Zachary's (Berkeley)
+ Xyclo (Oakland)
+ Serpentine (SF)
+ Pho 84 (Oakland)
+ Somerset (Oakland)
+ Bumble & bumble University Catering (New York City)
+ Park Chow (SF)
+ Chow (Lafayette)
+ Chow (SF)
+ Trattoria La Siciliana (Berkeley)
+ Simply Greek (Oakland)
+ Barlata (Oakland)
+ Xolo (Oakland)
+ Cube (Los Angeles)
+ Picante Cocina Mexicana (Berkeley)
+ Cactus Taqueria (Oakland)
+ Cha Cha Cha (SF)
+ South Pine Cafe (Grass Valley, CA)
+ Street Kitchen (Hanoi)
+ Cafe Bastille (SF)
+ Kirala² (Berkeley)
+ Shen Hua (Berkeley)
+ The Thirsty Bear (SF)
+ Bluebird Cafe (Hopland, CA)
+ Falafel's Drive In (San Jose, CA)
+ Horseshoe (Oakland)
+ Great American BBQ (Alameda)
+ The Great American Music Hall (SF)
+ Spettro (Oakland)
+ Alcove Cafe & Bakery (Los Angeles)
+ Sneaky Tiki (SF)
+ The Tea Room Café (Petaluma, CA)
+ Le Soleil Vietnamese Noodles & Grill (San Leandro)
+ Legends at Notre Dame (South Bend, IN)
+ Petaluma Market Barbecue Stand (Petaluma)
+ Café Mediteranee (Berkeley)
+ The House Of Nan King (SF)
+ La Piñata Taco Truck (Oakland)
+ Cafe Rouge (Berkeley)
+ Banana House Thai Cuisine (SF)
+ Rosie's Cowboy Cookhouse (Pt. Reyes Station, CA)
+ Holy Land Restaurant (Oakland)
+ Top Dog (Oakland)
+ Rosamunde Sausage Grill (SF)
+ Toast (Los Angeles)
+ Curra's Grill (Austin, TX)
+ Baron's Eats (Alameda)
+ Zelda's Gourmet Pizza (Sacramento, CA)
+ Tropix (Oakland)
+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe (Emeryville)
+ Sea Salt (Berkeley)
+ Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers (Oakland)
+ Ti-Couz (SF)
+ Mua (Oakland)
+ Soizic (Oakland)
+ Isle (New York City)
+ Cafe Mogador (New York City)
+ Lola's Cafe (Brooklyn)
+ Koryo Sushi (Oakland)
+ Shanghai 1930 (SF)
- Spice Monkey (Oakland) - 10/08/08
As a lunch spot, I bet Spice Monkey is amazing. As a dinner spot, it's a good, casual place to have a quiet affordable dinner. Unfortunately, it's the service that really bummed me out. There were only two people working, and only the waiter was apparently able to take any kind of order so it took awhile for us to get our order in. When we went to place our order, they informed us (only after ordering one) that they were out of all sandwiches. Uh. I guess I'll pick something else out? The beer selection here was stellar, I had a delicious pint of the Deschutes Pale Ale at an awesome level of coldeness. The Monkey Fries are good and different, the veggie empanadas were simple but good, and my chicken pot pie was solid, if kind of forgettable. The appetizers and entrees came out quickly, but at the end of our meal the waiter was involved in a deep conversation with another table and it seemed he had completely forgotten about us. I got so antsy to leave I have to excuse myself and go mill around outside. Still, it was a fun, mellow meal and I am excited to back to try some other stuff.

+ La Calle (Oakland)
+ Orson (SF)
+ Raleigh's (Berkeley)
+ Boxed Foods Company (SF)
+ Z Cafe & Bar (Oakland)
+ La Calaca Loca (Oakland)
+ Baron's Eats (Alameda)
+ Truly Mediterranean (Berkeley)
+ Pasta Pomodoro (Oakland)
+ Petaluma Market Deli (Petaluma)
+ Aunt Mary's Kitchen (Oakland)
+ Cockadoodle Cafe (Oakland)
+ Le Cheval (Oakland)
+ Belden Taverna (SF)
+ Sabina (Oakland)
+ Red Tractor Cafe (Dublin, CA)
+ Christopher's Burger (Oakland)
+ Boogaloos (SF)
+ Chop Bar (Oakland)
+ The Diner (New York City)
+ Murray's Bagels (New York City)
+ South Street Original Smokehouse, Crabshack & Authentic Dive Bar (Nashville, TN)
+ Leo's Lunch Room (Chicago)
+ Spices! 3 (Oakland)
+ Maitland Market Cafe & Deli (Alameda, CA)
+ Pho Anh Dao (Oakland)
+ Doug's BBQ (Emeryville)
+ Cheeseboard Pizza (Berkeley)
+ Vasquez Deli (Vacaville)
+ Everett & Jones BBQ - Fruitvale (Oakland)
+ Mijita Cocina Mexicana (SF)
+ Michou Fresca (Seattle, WA)
+ KangNam Pho House (Oakland)
+ The Walnut Avenue Cafe (Santa Cruz)
+ Treat's Same Same Cafe (Hoi An, Vietnam)
+ Khana Peena (Oakland)
+ Khana Peena (Berkeley)
+ Tower Cafe (Sacramento, CA)
+ Auntie Em's (Los Angeles)
+ House Of Blues (Anaheim, CA)
+ T-Rex BBQ (Berkeley)
+ Young Avenue Deli (Memphis, TN)
+ Cafe Du Monde (New Orleans, LA)
+ Mexico City (Los Angeles)
+ Grit (Athens, GA)
+ Cliff's Edge (Los Angeles)
+ Ozumo (Oakland)
+ Café Zoetrope (SF)
+ Naan 'n Curry (Berkeley)
+ Yoshi's (Oakland)
+ The Dead Fish (Crockett, CA)
+ Reginell's Pizza (New Orleans, LA)
+ Hoffbrau Steakhouse (Dallas, TX)
+ Leila Mediterranean (SF)
+ El Indio (Gainesville, FL)
+ I² (Oakland)
+ Mama's Royal Cafe (Oakland)
+ Hill Street Cafe (Oceanside, CA)
+ Steelhead Brewing Company (Eugene, OR)
+ Venus (Berkeley)
+ Fox & Hound Bar & Grill (Stateline, NV)
+ The Saturn Cafe (Santa Cruz)
+ The Cup Cafe (Tucson, AZ)
+ Uzen (Oakland)
+ Niko Niko Sushi (Los Angeles)
+ Flint's BBQ (Berkeley)
+ The Bridge Tender (Tahoe City, CA)
+ Namaskar (Somerville, MA)
+ Mae Ploy (Los Angeles)
+ Jimmy Bean's (Berkeley)
+ Chelsea's Cafe (Baton Rouge, LA)
+ Grill (Tucson, AZ)
+ Oakville Grocery (Healdsburg)
+ Val's Charbroiler (Hayward, CA)
+ Beretta (SF)
+ Bosphorus (Berkeley)
+ Madison's (Santa Barbara)
+ de Young Cafe (SF)
+ Encuentro (Oakland)
+ Koh Samui & The Monkey (SF)
+ The Cheesecake Factory @ Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas)
+ The Club Car (Auburn, CA)
+ Grasshopper (Oakland) (RIP)
+ Taqueria El Farolito (Oakland)
+ Rio Churrasco Brazilian Grill (Visalia, CA)
+ Cafe del Soul @ Montbleu Hotel & Casino (Stateline, NV)
+ Taste (Berkeley)
+ Jupiter (Berkeley)
+ Firehouse Bistro & Books (Livermore, CA)
+ Oliveto Cafe (Oakland)
+ Le Peep (Bloomington, IL)
+ Poulet (Berkeley)
+ Naan n' Curry (SF)
+ La Pinata (San Leandro)
+ Zachary's (Santa Cruz)
+ MontBleu Resort & Casino Room Service (Stateline, NV)
+ Good Frikin' Chicken (SF)
+ Taqueria Cancun (SF)
+ Balompie Cafe (SF)
+ Jay's Coffee Teas & Treats (Alameda, CA)
+ Grinder's (Oakland)
+ Doral Golf Resort & Country Club Catering (Doral, FL)
+ Santa Lucia (Saigon)
+ El Rey Sol (Ensenada, BC)
+ Cancun Taqueria (SF)
+ King Of Thai Noodle House (SF)
+ Veselka (New York City)
+ Garduños @ The Palms (Las Vegas)
+ Raj India Cuisuine (Oakland)
+ Bongo Burger (Berkeley)
+ The Lennox Pub (Vancouver, BC)
+ Hegenburgers (Oakland)
+ Filippo's (Berkeley)
+ Baladie Cafe (SF)
+ Calzone's (SF)
+ Chaat Café (Berkeley)
+ The New Zealander (Alameda)
+ Caioti Pizza Cafe (Studio City, CA)
+ Cha-Am (Berkeley)
+ Zeitgeist (SF)
+ Saul's (Berkeley)
+ Alegria on Sunset (Los Angeles)
+ Get-A Sushi (Oakland)
+ Carmen's Burger Bar (Santa Rosa, CA)
+ The Modern Hotel & Bar (Boise, ID)
+ Monster Pho (Oakland)
+ Maria Maria (Walnut Creek, CA)
+ Maya (Sonoma, CA)
+ Rancho Viejo (Brookings, OR)
+ Lanesplitter (Oakland)
+ The Dutch Goose (Boise, ID)
+ Bel Forno (Berkeley)
+ Fonda (Albany, CA)
+ Cuvae (Oakland)
+ Brown Sugar Kitchen (Oakland)
+ Los Cocos (Oakland)
+ El Senor Burrito (Oakland)
+ Salvatore Ristorante (Walnut Creek, CA)
+ The Cheeseteak Shop (Alameda, CA)
+ The Grill On Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
+ Zen (Alameda, CA)
+ Stumptown Brewery (Guerneville, CA)
+ Cafe Troya (SF)
+ Abigail Cafe & Deli (Alameda, CA)
+ The Olde Depot (Oakland)
+ Jason's Beachside Grille On The Lake (Kings Beach, CA)
+ The Griddle Cafe (Los Angeles)
+ Buffalo Bills Brewery, Pub, & Restaurant (Hayward, CA)
+ Ohana Hawaiian Barbecue (Alameda, CA)
+ Lanza's (Kings Beach, CA)
+ San Benito House Deli (Half Moon Bay, CA)
+ El Tonayense Taqueria (SF)
+ Ben N' Nicks (Oakland)
+ Heidi's Pancake House (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
+ Gordo Taqueria (Berkeley)
+ Taqueria San Jose (Oakland)
+ Cafe Fiore (Ventura, CA)
+ Cocina Poblana (Emeryville)
+ TrueBurger (Temescal)
+ Hacienda de la Sierra (Incline Village, NV)
+ Los Cantaros (Oakland)
+ Cafe Asia (SF)
+ Lauren's (Boonville, CA)
+ Golden Gate Perk (SF)
+ Long Life Vegi House (Berkeley)
+ Poor House Bistro (San Jose)
+ La Cabana (Redding, CA)
+ Pea Soup Andersen's (Santa Nella, CA)
+ Destino (SF)
+ Whole Foods Marketplace (Berkeley)
+ Mint Leaf (Alameda, CA)
+ La Vendimia (Ensenada, BC)
+ Kearny Street Pies (SF)
+ Nan Yang (Oakland)
+ Thaiphoon (Palo Alto, CA)
+ Masa (Los Angeles)
+ Creperie (New York City)
+ LaVal's Pizza (Alameda, CA)
+ Medjool (SF)
+ The Pita Pit (Columbus, OH)
+ Fatapple's (Berkeley)
+ Las Estrellas (SF)
+ Louie's Cafe (Baton Rouge, LA)
+ Burrito King (Los Angeles)
+ In N' Out Burger (Thousand Oaks)
+ Picoso Taqueria (Berkeley)
+ Taco Sol (Santa Rosa, NM)
+ Drunken Fish (Oakland)
+ Gioia Pizzeria (Berkeley)
+ The Coffee Table (Los Angeles)
+ Pomegranate (Berkeley)
+ TJ's Grill @ Froggy's (Davis, CA)
+ Memphis Pizza Cafe (Memphis, TN)
+ Dos Pinas (SF)
+ Nick's Crispy Tacos (SF)
+ Villa Ortega's (Puerto Nuevo, BC)
+ Sabor y Cultura Café (Los Angeles)
+ Café Limelight (Santa Cruz)
+ Smoke Tiki Lounge (San Jose, CA)
+ Philly's Best (Chicago)
+ Sonali Restaurant (New York City)
+ Earwax Cafe (Chicago)
+ 69 Bar & Restaurant (Ha Noi)
+ Le Petit Beaujolais (Los Angeles)
+ Phở Little Saigon (Alameda, CA)
+ White Hen Pantry (Chicago)
+ Crosby's (Incline Village, NV)
+ Cracker Barrel (Williamsville, NY)
+ Sandwich Board (Alameda, CA)
+ Sunrise Cafe (Soquel, CA)
+ DaVan Thai Cuisine (Oakland)
+ Soop (Berkeley)
+ Rock Bottom Brewery (San Diego)
+ Levende East (Oakland)
+ Round Table Pizza (Oakland)
+ Champions Sports Bar & Grill (Doral, FL)
+ Millennium (SF)
+ Fattoush (SF)
+ Kincaid's (Oakland)
+ Skates On The Bay (Berkeley)
+ Tita's Pupuseria (Buttonwillow, CA)
+ Escape From New York Pizza (SF)
+ Dos Coyotes Baja Cafe (Davis, CA)
+ Bowl'd Korean Rice Bar (Berkeley, CA)
+ Togo's (San Leandro, CA)
+ Imperial Tea Court (Berkeley)
+ Baja Taqueria (Oakland)
+ Good Dog Bad Dog (Portland, OR)
+ The Northern Lights (Clifton Park, NY)
+ Wazwan Indian Cuisine (Emeryville)
+ Peachwood's Steakhouse (Santa Cruz, CA)
+ Magdaleno's (Jackson, CA)
+ Trevino's (El Cerrito, CA)
+ Maha's Lebanese Cuisine (Monterey, CA)
+ Mockingbird (Oakland)
+ Brewbaker's (Visalia, CA)
+ Tiki Bar & Grill @ Sierra At Tahoe (Twin Bridges, CA)
+ Cafe de la Paz (Berkeley)
+ Oakland Kosher Food (Oakland)
+ Slurp Noodle House (Berkeley)
+ Waffle House (Tallahassee, FL)
+ Nando's (London)
+ Teddy's (Brooklyn)
+ Taste Of India (West Hollywood)
+ The Drum & Monkey (Glasgow)
+ The Green Burrito (Thousand Oaks, CA)
+ No Friction Cafe (Chicago)
+ Safeway Deli (Tempe, AZ)
+ Leonardo's Pizza By The Slice (Gainesville, FL)
+ India Palace (Berkeley)
+ Pacific Coast Brewing Company (Oakland)
+ Jerusalem's Organic Kitchen (Berkeley)
+ Working Girls' Cafe (SF)
+ Donair Spot (Vancouver, BC)
+ Juice Bar (Berkeley)
+ Venga Paella (Oakland)
+ Raley Field (Sacramento, CA)
+ The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum Cafe (Cleveland, OH)
+ Goat Hill Pizza (SF)
+ Louisiana Fish (Oakland)
+ Café Diana (Liverpool, UK)
+ Volpi's (Petaluma)
+ Sweis's Gyros & Pita (Emeryville)
+ Tamarind Cafe (Ha Noi)
+ The Tipsy Pig (SF)
+ Chevy's (Alameda, CA)
+ Juan's Place (Berkeley)
+ La Bonita Taqueria (Oakland)
+ Currylicious (Oakland)
+ Quinn's Lighthouse Bar (Oakland )
+ Belotti Ristorante e Bottega (Oakland)
+ Little America Restaurant (Little America, WY)
+ Sinbad's Restaurant (Chicago)
+ East Ocean Seafood Restaurant (Alameda, CA)
+ Bear Naked Burgers (Oakland)
+ Cafe Pippo (Oakland)
+ Chubby Freeze (Oakland)
+ Mother's Kitchen (Palomar Mountain, CA)
+ Golden Lotus (Oakland)
+ Fire Mountain Grill (Hoffstadt Bluffs, WA)
+ Saigon Wraps (Oakland)
+ L & L Hawaiian Barbecue (SF)
+ Quinto Patio Taqueria (Napa)
+ Crepevine (Oakland)
+ Hawaii'z Garlic Chicken (Las Vegas)
+ Ben & Nick's (Oakland)
+ The Posh Bagel (Oakland)
+ McAffee Coliseum (Oakland)
+ Niro's Gyros (Phoenix, AZ)
+ Coco's (Concord, CA)
+ Denny's Diner (Tucumcari, NM)
+ Sorabol Korean Cuisuine (Emeryville)
+ Acapulco Restaurant (Alameda, CA)
+ Baja Fresh (Austin, TX)
+ Wrigley Field (Chicago)
+ PF Chang's (Emeryville, CA)
+ Lodgepole Cafe (Mt. Rose, NV)
+ TW's Grille & Bar (Fort Bragg, CA)
+ McGee's Bar & Grill (Alameda, CA)
+ Purple Pepper Pizza (Oakland)
+ Pizza My Heart (Emeryville, CA)
+ The Parkway (Oakland)
+ Los Favoritos Taco Shop (Tempe, AZ)
+ Branding Iron Restaurant (Tucumcari, NM)
+ Carl's Jr. (Reno, NV)
+ Taco Bell (Texarkana, AR)
+ Hardee's (Springfield, IL)
+ Taco Time (Rock Springs, WY)
+ Prince Pizza (New York City)
+ Deli Stars (Tampa, FL)
+ Cotija Mexican Restaurant (Petaluma)
+ Smokehouse (Berkeley)
+ Amisha Indian Cuisuine (SF)
+ Qdoba Mexican Grill (Glenwood Springs, CO)
+ Antonio's (Los Angeles)
+ BJ's Brewhouse (Modesto, CA)
+ McCovey's Restaurant (Walnut Creek, CA)
+ Jesso's Seafood Catering (Oakland)
+ The Boat House (Bodega Bay, CA)
+ Mona's Table (Alameda, CA)
+ Picnic Sandwich Shop (Visalia, CA)
+ Country Cookin' (Fort Stockton, TX)
+ Taqueria La Cumbre (San Mateo)
+ Rustic Cottages (Tahoe Vista, CA)
+ Arby's (Saugatuck, MI)
+ Boston Market Catering (Oakland)
+ Roppolos Pizza (Austin, TX)
+ Good Morning Vietnam! (Nha Trang, Vietnam)
+ Mountain Mike's Pizza (San Leandro, CA)
+ Oakport Cafe (Oakland)
+ Smart Mouth Cafe (Vancouver, BC)
+ La Casona (Incline Village, NV)
+ Country Kitchen (Redding, CA)
+ Kinder's BBQ @ the McAffee Coliseum (Oakland)
+ Little Bangkok (SF)
+ Marisco's Seafood Restaurant (Austin, TX)
+ Playa Azul (Oakland)
+ Del Taco (Santa Nella)
+ Flames (Leeds, UK)
+ The Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ)
+ Ikea (Emeryville)
+ Cathay Pacific Airlines (SF to Hong Kong)
+ Jack In The Box (Baytown, TX)
+ HP Pavilion (San Jose CA)
+ Vu's Catering (Oakland)
+ Jon-Jon (Berkeley)
+ Pancho's (Kansas City, MO)
+ Cao Nguyen (San Jose, CA)
+ West Coast Hot Dogs (Oakland)
+ Wendy's (Dunmore, PA)
+ Exxon Tigermarket (Austin, TX)
+ Thai Delight Cuisine (Berkeley)
+ K-Mart Cafe (Gary, IN)
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i like food. a lot. i'd rather eat ramen 6 days a week to go to one good restaurant on the 7th. on this list i'll only list each place once, but will move things around and update as more vists are accrued. tasty.

total: 553 in 6066 days
busiest month: March 2005
median ranked entry: Madison's (Santa Barbara)

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