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+ State Bird Provisions (Fillmore)
+ Baker & Banker (Pacific Heights)
+ Buttermilk Channel (Carroll Gardens)
+ Baohaus (LES)
+ Best Pizza (Williamsburg)
+ Pho Phu Quoc (Outer Sunset)
+ La Banquise (Plateau)
+ Post Office (Williamsburg)
+ Balthazar Bakery (SoHo)
+ Late Night Stars (Williamsburg)
+ Kombit (Park Slope)
- Fresco Pizza & Shwarma (Polk Gulch) - 05/24/18
Maybe I should be using this space to document my "adventures" in trying to order gluten free food. I love the weird proliferation of "pizza and shwarma" places in the neighborhood, and I love the presence of relatively (relatively) cheap GF pies at Fresco but I just got the keel-over fatigue of a good gluten poisoning today which probably means they didn't clean flour off the pizza board. (I've eaten here in the past and been okay, though, so! Although the "street meat" pizza--halal chicken with white sauce--is a genius idea in concept that doesn't taste like much in practice.) Fortunately, there is SO much shwarma to be eaten instead.

+ Liba (Oakland)
+ Commonwealth (Mission)
+ Roman's (Fort Greene)
+ Trinidadian Curry Cart (Financial District)
+ Kronnerburger (Oakland)
+ Yumma's (Inner Sunset)
+ Lucca Foods (Outer Sunset)
+ Magnolia Brewery (Upper Haight)
+ FoodParc (Flatiron)
+ Mable's Smokehouse (Williamsburg)
+ Bleecker Heights (West Village)
+ Rye (Williamsburg)
+ Peasant Pies (Inner Sunset)
+ Taco Bell (Outer Mission)
+ Tex Wasabi's Rock'n'Roll Sushi and BBQ (Santa Rosa)
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total: 27 in 4017 days
busiest month: July 2011
median ranked entry: Commonwealth (Mission)

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