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+ Tamarindo Antojeria (Oakland)
+ Tacubaya (Berkeley)
+ Bien Trucha (Geneva, IL)
+ À Côté (Oakland)
+ Chef's (Buffalo, NY)
+ Doña Tomás (Oakland)
+ Gaspare's (Outer Richmond, SF)
+ Piatti (Danville)
+ Kirala (Berkeley)
+ Boot & Shoe Service (Oakland)
+ dopo (Oakland)
+ Burma Superstar (Telegraph Ave.)
+ Zachary's Pizza (College Ave.)
+ La Note (Berkeley)
+ Ebbett's Good To Go (food truck)
+ Little Star Pizza (Albany)
+ Gather (Berkeley)
- Hawker Fare (Oakland) - 06/24/11
YUM! We tried both vegetarian dishes on the menu (a salad and a curry rice bowl) and they were delicious. They even happily modified a special appetizer for us. Cons: The service was very slow and the space is in serious need of ventilation- it was HOT. Luckily, they have ice cream!

+ Boffo (food cart)
+ 900 Grayson (Berkeley)
+ Taqueria Cancun (SF, Mission & 19th)
+ Fire Sign Cafe (Tahoe City, CA)
+ Bossa Nova (Hollywood)
+ Wasabe (Amherst, NY)
+ Cha An (West Village, NY)
+ Mezze (Oakland)
+ Monkey Town (Brooklyn, NY)
+ Bette's Oceanview Diner (Berkeley)
+ Pagarung Thai Cuisine (Montclair Village)
+ Trattoria La Siciliana (Berkeley)
+ Nopa (SF)
+ Taqueria La Bamba (Richmond)
+ Jon's Street Eats (food truck)
+ Komasa (Little Tokyo, LA)
+ Brodo (Buffalo, NY)
+ Egg (Brooklyn, NY)
+ Mijita (Ferry Building, SF)
+ Saturn Cafe (Berkeley, CA)
+ Chop Bar (downtown Oakland)
+ Lois the Pie Queen (Oakland)
+ Bakesale Betty (Telegraph Ave.)
+ Summer Summer Thai Eatery (Emeryville)
+ Soi 4 (College Ave.)
+ César (Berkeley)
+ Cha-Ya (Berkeley)
+ Primo's Parrilla (food truck)
+ Bay Wolf (Piedmont Ave.)
+ Boulevard (SF)
+ Citron (Oakland)
+ Baby Blues BBQ (Venice, LA)
+ César (Piedmont Ave.)
+ Gioia Pizzeria (Berkeley)
+ Delica rf-1 (Ferry Building, SF)
+ Limon Rotisserie (Mission, SF)
+ Falafel's Drive In (San Jose)
+ Saul's Restaurant & Deli (Berkeley)
+ Sobaya (West Village, NY)
+ Roebling Tea Room (Brooklyn, NY)
+ Cafe Sparrow (Aptos, CA)
+ Chow (SF, Castro)
+ Andalé (that SF mall food court)
+ The Imperial Tea Court (Berkeley)
+ Rotten City Pizzeria (Emeryville)
+ Suzu Noodle House (Japan Center, SF)
+ Luka's (Oakland)
+ Zao Noodle (Emeryville)
+ Tanpopo (Japantown, SF)
+ Alton's (Buffalo, NY)
+ Flora (Oakland)
+ The Original Pancake House (Williamsville, NY)
+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe (Emeryville)
+ O Chame (4th St., Berkeley)
+ Liba's Falafel (food truck)
+ 'Zza (Oakland)
+ Somerset (Oakland)
+ Shan Dong (Oakland)
+ Golden Lotus (Oakland)
+ Drunken Fish (Piedmont Ave.)
+ Barney's (Piedmont Ave.)
+ Pizza Pazza (Oakland)
+ Cafe 15 (Oakland)
+ Cactus (College Ave.)
+ Souley Vegan
+ Ikeda's (Davis, CA)
+ Go Fish (St. Helena)
+ Filippo's (Oakland)
+ Cha-Ya (SF)
+ Spices! 3 (Oakland)
+ Flacos (Berkeley)
+ Pho place on Telegraph Ave.
+ Skate's On The Bay (Berkeley)
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Some of the places, one of the times. When I remember.

total: 91 in 4415 days
busiest month: March 2009
median ranked entry: Primo's Parrilla (food truck)

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