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+ Noodle Theory
+ Akiko's Restaurant (SF)
+ Sea Salt
+ Barlata
+ Chaat Cafe
+ Beer and Goldfish
+ Tamarindo Antojeria
+ Cato's
- Naan 'n Curry - 10/17/07
My first time at the Telegraph Ave. Berkeley location. The place was filthy and smelly and the service was bad (they gave us our to go order on plates, without even a place setting. When I told the guy we needed it to go, he just pointed at the corner of the restaurant where some takeout boxes were stacked up.) Food was passable, but there are so many better Indian restaurants in Berkeley.

+ Luka's
+ Au Coquelet
+ Sonoma County Fair
+ Thai Delight
+ Crepes a go go
+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
+ Cactus
+ Duarte's (Pescadero)
+ Baja Fresh
+ Lucky House Thai and Lao Cuisine (Berkeley)
+ Cha Cha Cha (SF)
+ Pyung Chang Soft Tofu House
+ Pasta Pomodoro
+ Cafe Ethiopia (SF)
+ The Melting Pot (Larkspur)
+ Amber India (Mtn. View)
+ Cha-Ya Japanese (Berkeley)
+ Papalote (SF)
+ Pasta Pomodoro (Rockridge)
+ Cha-Ya Japanese (Berkeley)
+ Dosa
+ Temescal Cafe
+ Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
+ Bar Tartine
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When I remember, here's what I eat when I eat out and what I think of it, in chronological order with most recent on top.

total: 33 in 5393 days
busiest month: January 2007
median ranked entry: Duarte's (Pescadero)

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